Wake up to the hair of your dreams!

This revolutionary Patent pending product makes your life easier and your hair absolutely fabulous. Overnight Blowout is designed to prolong your blowout or curled hairstyle. Our specially designed velvet rod securely holds your hair in place overnight, ensuring optimal results while preserving hair health and integrity. Say goodbye to styling woes and hello to gorgeous, hassle-free hair with Overnight Blowout.

Littles On-The-Go Bundle

Our Littles are the perfect styling solution for achieving tighter, defined curls. Ideally sized for shorter hair, the Littles deliver volume and bounce with ease. Not just for short styles, they're also fantastic for longer hair when a more pronounced, tighter curl is desired. Lightweight and easy to use, they offer a versatile curling

Classic On-The-Go bundle

Introducing the Classics, our go-to standard-sized rollers suitable for all hair types. These mid-sized Classics strike the perfect balance, offering beautiful, bouncy curls. For shorter hair this will give more of a real blowout look with volume & for longer hair this will offer a bouncier blowout look. Easy to use and versatile, the Classics are your ideal choice for achieving a classic curl that's just right, every time.

Grande On-The-Go Bundle

Discover the Grandes, our largest rollers designed for achieving that glamorous blowout look or ideally sized for styling longer hair with ease. These rollers create soft, voluminous waves. Ideal for those who love a more flowing curl or for those who want to have more of a bend at the ends. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way you style your hair by providing a convenient, effective, and healthy solution. We aim to prioritize the health and vitality of your hair while delivering stunning results without causing damage.



Overnight Blowout is a revolutionary product dedicated to transforming the way you style your hair while prioritizing its health and vitality. Inspired by a viral DIY hack, our visionary Founder, Yesenia Hipolito, embarked on a mission to create a product that would allow you to achieve stunning hair easy without causing damage.