Overnight Blowout is designed to preserve & prolong your blowout or curled hairstyle. Our specially designed velvet rod securely holds your hair in place overnight, ensuring optimal results while preserving hair health and integrity.





Maximize Your Style with Overnight Blowout: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Preparation is Key: Start by styling, curling or blowing out your hair with products that enhance curl retention. This could be a mousse or a memory foam, depending on your hair type. Proper preparation ensures your curls have a strong foundation. 

2. Correct Placement for Optimal Hold: When using the hair rod, make sure it is positioned on the grip side. This helps to prevent it from loosening, especially during the night.

3. Protect Your Style: To safeguard your hair and maintain its style, wear a scarf or bonnet while you sleep. This step is crucial in preserving the curls and preventing frizz.

4. Comfortable Tension: While you want the hair rod to be taut for effective styling, ensure it’s not too tight. Avoid pulling on your hair, as this can cause discomfort and potential hair damage.

5. The Final Touch: Once you’ve unraveled your hair from the rod, add a touch of hairspray. This helps to secure your curls and extend the hold, giving you a lasting, vibrant look.