About Us

Overnight Blowout is a revolutionary product dedicated to transforming the way you style your hair while prioritizing its health and vitality. Inspired by a viral DIY hack, our visionary Founder, Yesenia Hipolito, embarked on a mission to create a product that would allow you to achieve stunning hair easy without causing damage.

While we love the DIY, using cotton materials on the hair can lead to dryness and frizziness. Our velvet rod has the grip to hold the hair taught overnight, while maintaining the health and integrity of the hair. It also doubles as a retro rockabilly style, offering versatility and vintage charm.
Overnight Blowout is not only ideal for overnight use but also serves as a fantastic solution to prolong your hairstyle throughout the day. Whether you're hitting the gym, traveling on a flight, or simply going about your daily activities, our product keeps your hair looking fresh and fabulous. Experience the convenience and versatility of Overnight Blowout for all-day hair perfection.

At Overnight Blowout, we are driven by our core values of convenience, effectiveness, and healthy hair care practices. Our innovative approach ensures that you can effortlessly achieve the desired look without compromising the health of your hair. Say goodbye to outdated methods and welcome a new era of hassle-free styling.

Join the movement and experience the convenience, effectiveness, and transformative power of Overnight Blowout. We invite you to embrace easy, healthy, beautiful hair and be part of a community that values effortless styling and hair care practices that truly make a difference. Tag us @overnightblowout #overnightblowout


Introducing Yesenia Hipolito, the visionary founder behind Overnight Blowout. With a passion for hair that dates back to her childhood, Yesenia's DIY sock overnight blowout method gained immense popularity when it went viral on TikTok. Little did she know that her ingenious idea would captivate the hearts of countless individuals seeking easy and effective hair hacks.

Driven by her love for hair as the ultimate accessory, Yesenia's creativity sparked a wave of inspiration, leading to the birth of Overnight Blowout. Drawing from years of personal experience with the sock blowout method, she recognized the potential to revolutionize the way people achieve stunning hairstyles while keeping their hair healthy and damage-free.

Enter Michael, Yesenia's talented fiancé and a seasoned entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in building successful businesses. Together, as an unstoppable team, they brought Overnight Blowout to life. Michael's expertise in product development and innovation played a vital role in translating Yesenia's vision into a tangible, game-changing reality.

With their combined passion, skill, and dedication, Yesenia and Michael have not only created a remarkable product but also inspired a movement of hair enthusiasts. Overnight Blowout is the epitome of their shared vision and commitment to empowering individuals to effortlessly achieve flawless hairstyles that leave a lasting impression.

Join Yesenia, Michael, and the Overnight Blowout community on this exciting journey as they continue to redefine haircare and elevate your styling possibilities. Embrace the brilliance of Overnight Blowout and experience the transformation that awaits you.